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About WSL Starts Here

Our Missions:
Explore the infinity of creation;
Dedicate to the satisfaction and success of every designer.

Our Core Values:
Honesty, cooperation, innovation-driven;
Win-win cooperation are emphasized.

Industry experience in China
Highly skilled employees
sq. ft.
Manufacturing factory

Who We Are

Shanghai Weshli Machinery Technology Co., LTD., affiliated to Henan Lifeng Industry (Group) Co., LTD., was established in 2005;

The company integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, and on-site commissioning, with muscular technical strength and manufacturing capacity;

The company has more than 30 mechanical and electrical engineers, more than 50 professional and technical personnel, specializing in the design of non -standard automatic production lines and packaging equipment, is a science and technology enterprise with collection of scientific research and development, technical transformation and engineering services.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us for a list of products, our team of engineers is ready to help bring your idea to life.

What Makes Us Special?

Technical Competence

Shanghai Weshli Machinery Technology Co., LTD. has unmatched technical expertise, which it leverages in providing a variety of services to clients.

Manufacturing Capacity

The company has a robust manufacturing capacity, which enables them to take on projects of different sizes and scopes.

Strong Team of Experts

The company boasts a strong team of experts, with each member offering specialized know-how that is valuable in producing high-quality products.

Extensive Range of Services

The company provides an impressive range of services to its clients that meets the diverse needs and requirements of modern businesses.

Impressive Client Base

The company's years of providing top-notch services have earned them an impressive client base. This includes some of the world-renowned companies, including Asahi Glass and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, among others.


With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Shanghai Weshli Machinery Technology Co., LTD. has built a reputation for providing unrivaled services to its clients.

Certificates and Honors

One-Stop-Shop, Endless Possibilities

Great Teamwork, Motivated Staff, Consistently Delivering Excellent Work For Our Customers.

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