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Glove Packing Machine

WSL is your trusted sourcing partner for high-quality machinery from China. Our team of experts will handle the entire sourcing process for you, ensuring that you receive a top-notch glove-packing machine that meets your specific requirements.

Successful Solutions

Professional Sourcing of Glove Packing Machines from China

Glove Inner Box Auto-Packing Machine

The machine is mainly used for the automatic cartoning production of disposable medical gloves.

The equipment can automatically complete the overall operating process, including opening the carton, clamping the gloves, putting the gloves into the carton, and closing the tongues at both ends of the carton, etc.

glove packing machine

Gloves Counting Machine

A glove-counting and stacking machine is an innovative piece of equipment designed to count and stack gloves accurately, efficiently, and neatly. The machine is highly versatile, accommodating different glove types and sizes.

Operating at high speed of 200 gloves per minute, the gloves counting and stacking machine can pick up six gloves simultaneously, reducing the manual workload and significantly boosting productivity.

gloves auto counting and stacking machine

Side Push Carton Packing Machine

A Side Push Carton Packing Machine is a cutting-edge packaging solution that automatically arranges and groups products into layers and combinations according to customer packing arrangement requirements.

A carton-packing machine is equipment used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and other light sectors to pack products into cartons. These machines offer a fast and efficient way to package products, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency.

Push side carton filler machine

Glove Box Packaging, Counting, and Carton Packaging Solutions

Integration of R&D, design, manufacture, installation, and on-site commissioning.

manufacturing experience
Client Testimonials

"The glove packing machine we purchased has significantly increased our production efficiency. Its precision and speed have led to a noticeable improvement in our output. A truly reliable piece of equipment."

Sarah W.

"We've been impressed by the automation this machine provides, from carton opening to glove packing. It's been a game-changer for our medical glove production, worth every penny."

Mark Taylor

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